What an Amazing Day!

Sort of an ordinary day, really, nothing very unusual, but I guess that’s what I love about it–because I get to appreciate it. To live it and enjoy it and how does it get any more amazing than that?

In other ways, it was sort of an “out of the ordinary” day. Hubby and I have been at this hard for a only a couple months now–the tortillas and salsa business, I mean. It’s been about 6 months since he left his job to dive head first into finally pursuing the food business that we’ve been dabbling in for years.

We rocked it at the Mexican Pavilion of Folklorama this past summer and have been doing farmers markets and pop-ups ever since. We are doing really well, people are loving the product and we are receiving a very warm welcome to the market. So much so that we have formulated our business plan and we’re going after funding to build our own kitchen so we can scale up and expand our reach.

This weekend we attended three Christmas markets, one on Saturday and two on Sunday. We had two the weekend before that and one during the week. This meant a LOT of production time. For now, we make everything by hand; needless to say we are tired and ready for a good rest, and that’s what feels so great about today.

Today, we managed to pull off great sales at two busy markets thanks to help from our kids and a really great friend. Even dealing with a power outage this morning, (thank God we had everything laid out the night before and everything we needed to make our fresh samples in the morning!), we were cool, calm and collected.

We almost sold out of tortillas at one location, only two half-dozen packs left, and sold out of quesadillas at the other location. I picked up food on the way home and once home, we realized that the kids had done all the chores we set out for them, we came home to a tidy house and had time to enjoy dinner all together, play a game, watch a movie and get to bed at a decent hour. Simple pleasures that make life grand!

And that is why today is such an amazing day!

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