“Helena is an excellent BodyTalk Practitioner. She has a particular skill in supporting abundance in one’s business, or practice. Following one session, my client appointments tripled the following week. In another case of stalled registrations for an event, registrations came piling in after another session and the event ended up being sold out. Lots of factors may play out in these, but ABSOLUTELY Helena’s support is a key one of them. —Jen OC

“After I saw Helena for a Lymphatic Support session what I noticed the most was the emotional release—something I had needed to let go of for a long time. I also had better sleep and just generally felt better overall.” — Gil Grande, Manager, Winnipeg, MB

“I was a little hesitant at first to try BodyTalk because I was concerned it may conflict with my beliefs. The first thing I noticed during the first session is the pain in my head and shoulders went away and hasn’t come back. What a relief! Since the first session I have felt happier and a sense of freedom. Now, after only two sessions I notice I don’t get angry so easily any more, especially with my kids—they are so happy too! Instead of arguing with them when they are feeling frustrated it’s much easier for me to remain calm and comfort them with hugs. In addition to feeling better emotionally, I have learned more about how my mind, body and spirit work together. I’m happy I have even lost a few pounds—and my husband has noticed! If BodyTalk works for me I know it can work for others too. I believe if people had more sense of awareness of their body, mind soul they would be less stressed. I’m so thankful I decided to try BodyTalk. Helena knows her stuff and  she gave me a sense of trust. I have already recommended her to some of my friends and hope my husband will try it some day. I really enjoy my BodyTalk sessions and look forward to trying a Lymphatic Support session!”—Sofia Avila, 39, Mompreneur

“I had a mini BodyTalk session with Helena in a group setting, as well as a private Access Bars session. I really liked the way she worked with her intuition and have been experiencing more ease and peace since those initial sessions; I’d be curious to try a full BodyTalk session in the future. The greatest benefit I feel I have received is to have given myself permission to be in allowance.” —Paul Curtis, 32

“I knew right away I wanted to work with Helena. She has a vast array of knowledge and great perspective. I really enjoy the way she conducts her sessions and the feedback she offers me. Every session frees a shift within and I feel more centered and complete. If you are an individual looking for a local CBP in Winnipeg I would definitely recommend Helena, she brings an amazing knowledge base to the table. On another note, the building where I worked had always had an uneasy feeling attached to it and my colleagues and I felt that something was not quite right with the space. After Helena did a session on the building, amazing things transpired. The feeling of the space changed and everyone could feel the difference. The space actually flushed out what was not serving it; it was healing itself. Absolutely amazing and healing!! Businesses looking to get “unstuck” or make a change in their space would do well to contact Helena; I also recommended her to a friend of mine who is having a hard time selling her house.”—Julia Evans, BScN, CBP, White City SK

“I went to see Helena for Lymphatic Support session because I was always feeling so tired and with little desire to do anything. I like that Helena walked me through the session and explained every step. I felt so relaxed and connected with my body. After the session, I had so much energy. I felt great! And now, when I am getting stressed or starting to feel low, I remember the technique Helena used in the session to release emotions and it really helps me to move forward. If you feel constant stress, need more energy, or just feel like you are trying to find a missing link in your life, I would definitely recommend a Lymphatic Support session with Helena. She is passionate about what she does and you can trust her to guide you through the process.” —Jessica R., Financial Advisor

“I have to admit I’m a little skeptical when it comes to “alternative healing” methods, but always try to keep an open mind about it. I have seen Helena for Lymphatic Support, BodyTalk and Access Bars. I have found that I have been able to let go of some negative emotions and have had a positive breakthrough. I really like Helena’s kind spirit and that she is always confidential and professional. I have recommended her to others and hope they choose to benefit from this holistic work as I have.”—Jenn, Student
“I have tried BodyTalk, Lymphatic Support and Access Bars with Helena and ever since I started going for energy sessions with her I feel more free. I have been able to process a lot of changes in my life and it’s easier to process my emotions as well. I feel like I have benefitted in every aspect of my life. I feel such a release after each session and I love that I don’t ever feel judged. I have recommended Helena to my friends and family; she has even done energetic Lymphatic Support sessions for my parents in Mexico. If you are looking for a real sense of change in your life I would highly recommend working with Helena.”—Gina Navarro, 30, Winnipeg, MB