About Helena Morales

Helena Morales is a Holistic Health Practitioner combining a number of different energy healing modalities to help mainly MOMs who want to go from stressed out mess to Soulful Success. She is passionate about seeing others let go of their baggage and realize their potential by helping them to really know, love and be themselves.

A series of challenging health situations led Helena to pursue a career in holistic healing; finding her way back to health through natural methods after the conventional system told her that the only solution was to medicate and manage.

Helena quickly realized that holistic energy healing is not just for physical health and that, as one does the healing work on Self, the positive effects ripple out into every aspect of life. With a background in Business Administration, Helena now channels her continual pursuit of excellence and love of studying and observing people into her own practice. Her mission is to bring a more holistic perspective to business and everyday life by helping the individual first to Engage their environment, Enhance their mindset and Enlighten their experience, transitioning into radical relationships and fulfilled families that carry over into community and society.

Helena believes we are capable of amazing things and that the path to true holistic health begins with a journey of learning to know and love oneself.