So, I haven’t been that great at keeping up the post a day for a 100 days commitment––I’ve let a few days slide here and there. I also told myself when I started this, though, that I would be kind to myself and give myself the space I needed to do that if I needed to. My family is still young and requires a lot of time.

It matters that I can pay attention to what my kids need, what my husband needs and, of course, what I need. And this last one is important, because it’s kind of the whole point I’m doing any of this in the first place: what do I need? There was definitely a time when I didn’t even stop to ask that question, I thought I had to be what everyone needed me to be. The difference now is that I actually have the space and margin in my life to do all that and make time for my projects.

The main reason that I gave myself the 100 Days challenge was to have a goal in mind, even if I didn’t do exactly 100 posts in 100 days––I will do 100 posts, it just may take me longer than 100 days. I know that I work best when I have a goal in mind, a target to aim for. I know this about myself so, naturally, I will use it to my advantage; that’s the point. This goal of writing a post a day for 100 days is also meant to help me get into the habit and flow of writing, which it has, to an extent.

Another thing that causes resistance within me is that sometimes my thoughts are bigger than the space I have to write. It takes a while to form my thoughts, to put them into words that can somehow manage to convey what I am thinking. Why? Because I think a lot. I don’t mean this in a presumptuous way, just that I think a lot and I don’t always know where to start. What matters is that I write and that I do it often. So, no more procrastinating because I feel uninspired, or too inspired. It is time now, to stick to my task and do what I set out to do. One day at a time.

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